the yoga hustler

Hi, I am Michele.   In my life I have been many things.  Today I am a massage therapist, a student and teacher of yoga. 

I have been practicing massage therapy for over 20 years. My technique has evolved over time, morphing into the intuitive, Swedish/Deep work that I practice today. I like to establish a connection with your body and be guided by the flow of conversation between us rather than just digging into a tight spot.

I first found myself on a yoga mat in 1994 while searching for a non-pharmaceutical method to deal with my symptoms of PTSD.    In my 25 plus years of practice, I have discovered yoga to be an endless and forgiving teacher on how to show up in life with strength and softness simultaneously.    I completed my 200 E-RYT under the guidance of Farzaneh Noori and Hanna House Gilan at Yoga House Pasadena.  I continued to study with Lea Kraemer of Prana Mandir Yoga, completing 240 in Agni: Kundalini Yoga Intensive for Yoga as Therapy.

With creative sequencing in a Hatha style class that is both physically challenging and mentally reflective, I hope to help you find alignment with the authentic way your body moves.  I love working with those new to yoga and give many beginners variations to postures. I strongly believe that with a regular practice we can feel the same strength, flexibility and presence in our lives off the mat as we do while we are on it.